A Mile a Minute: Energy of a Shower

Efficient cars have become more present in the mind of sustainable thinking, but what about all of the things we do before we even leave for work? Heating water is an energy intensive endeavor. I made a calculator that converts your shower’s energy into miles driven using energy equivalences.

How hot is your shower?
Cold Warm Hot
How long is your shower? (in minutes)

What is your MPG? (U.S. average is 24)

Calculator created by ZetRider.ru

This does NOT mean that I advocate hippie stench…just something to zone out and consider in the shower tomorrow morning. (again… you have to scroll back up a little bit to see your result. God bless people who work with computers for a living.)

3 thoughts on “A Mile a Minute: Energy of a Shower

  1. Hmmm, interesting, I get 4.3 shower miles. I think that it is a lot easier to give up 4 miles of driving per day than to curtail my showering activity.

  2. True! And it is not to say that showering and driving have the same environmental impact per unit of energy. Driving is almost certainly more of an impact on resources.

  3. I got 6.9 mpg.
    I am ready for your blog post about the micro-brew cans vs. bottles. In AK they do not recycle glass because it is too expensive – so the cans are the only recyclable vessel for beer. VERY interesting…

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