Bigger than the beetles

Google Trends is a fun way to kill some time. It compares the frequency of Google searches, benchmarked relative to other search terms. For instance, INTERVIEW vs UNEMPLOYMENT: Interesting to see that there was a spike in “interview” searches, right before there was an even bigger one for “unemployment” in 2008. Certain search trends occur […]

Eliminate GHGs with this one simple trick

Want to create a really grouchy world, while reducing GHGs? The time we wake up really affects our typical energy use patterns. Our traditional schedules tend to use energy when renewables are not as available. The purple dashed line shows when PG&E fires up their fossil fuel power plants during the day. The peaks are […]

Certifiably Certifiable

Greenwashing has been a concern for quite some time. Determining the genuine “sustainable DNA” of a company or product is often complicated and confusing. This can even happen when a business or product has the very best intentions, like Bamboo Sushi in Pot-land, OR, a spot spot with unparalleled commitment to sustainably provided seafood with amazing quality. (excepting, […]

Renewables Suck Part III: Even Hoosiers Get the Blues

Full disclosure: I think renewable energy is..the best thing since IPA’s in a can, but I have been writing a few posts that explore the problems that large scale renewables create. Another issue with utility scale renewable energy projects is that these often occur in areas far from high energy demand. For instance, much of […]