Any Given Sunday

Well, the New Year has brought many new and exciting changes to my world, not least of which is a NEW JOB! I now work for Lucid, an energy management software company that helps companies rethink the story of their buildings. Lots and lots great visualization of building use and energy deployment. For instance I mapped the […]

Seeing the Glass Half Full

Bill Gates recently made headlines by drinking a glass of (former) poo-water: Water is a global concern, and we will need new systems to treat, acquire, and store it as glaciers melt and groundwater contamination increases. In addition to focusing on sanitizing water sources, a study by Arturo Keller from UCSB suggests that we may […]

Three Energy Start-ups to Know

The Bay area start-up recipe for success: a ping-pong table, a fridge full of beer, four stand-up desks, two nap sized couches, three Stanford M.B.A.’s and one killer idea that hopefully, one day, just maybe, Google will buy. There are lots of smart people out here with lots of smart ideas. Here are three energy start-ups that I […]

1% for Which Planet?

Busy week here for me, visiting old friends, surfing and heading to a wedding! But I wanted to share an interesting (illustrated) video by the philosopher Zizek, who explores the ideas of consumer culture. He looks at “philanthropic purchases” and their impact on our general sense of charity and ethical consumption. The idea that we […]