Three Energy Start-ups to Know

The Bay area start-up recipe for success: a ping-pong table, a fridge full of beer, four stand-up desks, two nap sized couches, three Stanford M.B.A.’s and one killer idea that hopefully, one day, just maybe, Google will buy. There are lots of smart people out here with lots of smart ideas. Here are three energy start-ups that I […]

1% for Which Planet?

Busy week here for me, visiting old friends, surfing and heading to a wedding! But I wanted to share an interesting (illustrated) video by the philosopher Zizek, who explores the ideas of consumer culture. He looks at “philanthropic purchases” and their impact on our general sense of charity and ethical consumption. The idea that we […]

Drive Slower: Eat More Sushi!

My girlfriend often notes that I “drive like I am from Ohio”, which is, de facto true: I am from Ohio. (For the record, she is from L.A.) What do we have in common in our “Romeo & Juliet”, “Potato PotAto” way of life? Well, besides Breakfast at Tiffany’s (song and movie),  we both actually […]

Bigger than the beetles

Google Trends is a fun way to kill some time. It compares the frequency of Google searches, benchmarked relative to other search terms. For instance, INTERVIEW vs UNEMPLOYMENT: Interesting to see that there was a spike in “interview” searches, right before there was an even bigger one for “unemployment” in 2008. Certain search trends occur […]